About This Project

It’s been six months since Hurricane Maria tore through the island of Puerto Rico — taking out power lines, destroying homes, disrupting industries, raking the island’s forests, and dislocating families. 

Starting Monday, March 19, we present a week of stories about people making new lives in Connecticut. You’ll see stories about families still trying to provide the basics, college students trying to imagine their futures, high schools trying to include hundreds of new students, and people just hoping for some furniture for their new, but empty, apartments. 

 The reporters and editors at Connecticut Public Radio have been committed to telling the stories of the people touched by the storm. Because, while the island is an ocean away from our newsroom, it might as well be one town over. We decided to cover Hurricane Maria as a local story because — with nearly 300,000 state residents who claim island roots — it is just that. A local story.



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About This Project

The Island Next Door is a reporting project that came out of the recognition that Hurricane Maria was a distant storm with a local impact.

Begun in the WNPR newsroom, this project aims to tell the stories that link New England and Puerto Rico — finding the people, places, successes and challenges on the island and the mainland today.

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