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Two Years After Hurricane Maria: UConn Team Examines Response To Influx Of Puerto Rican Evacuees Two years after Hurricane Maria devastated the island of Puerto Rico, the response to the crisis on the U.S. mainland is only now coming into focus.
Nearly Two Years After Hurricane Maria, Lawmakers Still Fighting For Puerto Rico U.S. congressional representatives marked the upcoming two-year anniversary of Hurricane Maria by observing a day of action for Puerto Rico Wednesday in Washington D.C.
Hurricane Dorian Approaching Puerto Rico Creates 'Flashback' To Maria As another major storm approaches Puerto Rico, the people on the island are still thinking of when Hurricane Maria made landfall there in 2017.
Funds Slow To Reach Puerto Rican Evacuees In Connecticut Money that almost went back to the state is now in the hands of survivors of Hurricane Maria.
Puerto Rico, Connecticut React To News Of Rosselló's Resignation After more than a week of mass protests, Puerto Rican governor Ricardo Rosselló says he will step down. This hour, we ask: what happens next? We hear the latest from on the ground in Puerto Rico, and talk with Connecticut ...
Connecticut's Puerto Rican Diaspora Joins 'Ricky Renuncia' Protests For almost two weeks now, Puerto Ricans have taken to the streets of San Juan to call for the resignation of Governor Ricardo Rossello. He was already a controversial figure in the wake of Hurricane Maria, but a recent leak ...

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